2020 July Expense

2020 July Expense

A normal month: 9.5K used.

  • Home: 4k, this is the fixed and almost half of the monthly expense
  • Grocery: 1.8k, roughly 1k at costco and 500 at Weee. Reduce the trips to Costco may help both my wallet and my weight.
  • Shopping: 1.5k, finally build a new PC, spend 700 on motherboard/CPU/memory. $140 on apple pencil and $150 on some gc are the other major contributors.
  • Kids: $500, a new bike, a new booster seat, dancing class (2 months), and some random books
  • Pet: $80, medicine and some treat
  • Restaurant: $100, only ordered carryout once.
  • Utilities: $200
  • Car: $500. including $464 insurance

Next month forecast: huge… prepaid some utilities, amazon and costco gc

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