2020 August Expense

A late one, but not exceed one month 🙂

Overall 11k spent, higher than previously, but as expected as overpaid some utilities.

  • Home: 4k, this is the fixed, glad that in Oct, it will be reduced a little bit due to refinance
  • Utilities: $2.1k, overpaid around 2k for credit card spending
  • Grocery: 1.1k, however 1k costco gift card spending is not counted here
  • Shopping: 240, however 1.5k Amazon gift card spending to max Chase Freedom reward are not counted here
  • Kids: $180, dancing class, basketball hoop, and a toy that has not been opened
  • Restaurant: $100, only ordered carryout once and fast food once
  • Because of a tragedy, make one of the longest trip in my life, a round road trip from Seattle to CA
    • Car: $180, a round trip to CA
    • Hotel: $250, trip to CA
  • MISC Expense
    • $2.5K gift card for MS: $1k costco, $1.5k amazon;
    • $383, donation, other $700 counted in next month
  • Recurrent Subscriptions: $42, including ring, disney+, amazon music, aws, amazon freetime, PBS kids

Seems the monthly expense are pretty stable, especially after my parent went back home, There might be around 1k fluctuation because of large purchase.

Stock Gains looks good.

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